Fund your deals quickly and efficiently iFunding welcomes real estate operators and developers to our financing marketplace. We are one of the longest-running and largest online real estate crowdfunding platforms, connecting individual and institutional investors to projects like yours that require financing. Projects include all commercial asset classes – from multi-family to office buildings, retail, hospitality and beyond – in every state.

  • Apply - Receive a quick decision on listing your project

    Complete our online financing request form to receive feedback quickly on your deal, or call us with initial questions. We work with you to formalize a term sheet then complete underwriting. Operators tell us that iFunding is very easy to work with; see our FAQ for more information.

  • List your deal - Gain access to thousands of investors

    iFunding tracks the solicitation, preferences and commitments of thousands of investors in our network. We work with you to create the project description, images and documents and take care of the investment entity structure through our efficient ‘series LLC’ model. At the end of the day, you focus on your project and can let iFunding take care of the rest.

  • Fund faster

    iFunding works with you to best structure and promote your offering, including holding investor webinars. Smaller deals such as home flips have subscribed in under a day! Expand interest even further by guest-writing for our blog.

  • Simplify investor reporting – Stay focused on your project

    iFunding takes care of project and financial reporting to a project’s many investors through our online dashboard and investor relations team. This lets you stay focused on project quality & completion.