Make direct investments in real estate

iFunding allows individuals to make preferred equity investments in real estate opportunities that were historically difficult to access.

  • 1

    Create an account

    Creating an iFunding investor account is free and gives you access to invest in real estate that is pre-vetted by the iFunding team which has over 100 years of experience in real estate and on Wall Street. You will benefit from low minimums, starting at $5,000, compared to $50k - $100k for traditional real estate investments.

  • 2

    Review an investment

    For every opportunity, there is detailed information including estimated length of the investment, targeted annual return, property and location information and a profile for any companies or individuals involved in the investment.

  • 3

    Participate in webinars

    iFunding conducts a webinar for every investment opportunity listed on our website, where we discuss the project with our operating partners and answer all investor questions.

  • 4

    Finalize your investment

    Once you decide which investment you are interested in, you can easily and securely sign legal documents online and submit payment for your investment online.

  • 5

    Monitor the fundraising progress

    In order to finalize your investment, the full amount for the opportunity must be reached. iFunding will keep you updated via email and your investor dashboard.

    a. On successful fundraising

    You are officially an investor and can expect to receive frequent updates and your share of cash distributions. You will also have access to your investor dashboard to watch how your money is working for you.

    b. If the funds are not raised

    100% of your money will be returned to you with no fees or hidden charges.

  • 6

    Hold title to the asset

    iFunding is innovative about protecting investor interests and secures this by allowing investors to hold title to the asset. All our investors are preferred equity partners secured against the asset.

  • 7

    Transparent reporting

    Once the fundraising is complete, you can monitor the progress of your investments via an investor dashboard, where you receive weekly updates and can follow a timeline for the asset status. This timeline is updated real time and you also receive email notifications for the same.

    a. List of expenses

    We upload an invoice for every expense reflecting use of funds, to ensure that there is complete transparency and notify you right away. Escrow balances are reflected on your investor dashboard real time. Every draw is invoiced and uploaded to your dashboard.

    b. Status updates

    Every week, we send out an update on the asset, the work covered and the projects milestones for coming weeks. You receive this update in your dashboard and also via email.

    c. Weekly photos

    Our operating partners send out weekly photos for most of our assets to share the developments with investors.

    d. Video updates

    You also receive regular weekly updates on your investments, where you can view progress in work, and receive regular walkthroughs of the asset.