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Crowdfunding Platform

  • Total size of projects $ 317,068,970
  • Amount raised on iFunding $ 24,698,970
  • Number of properties funded 14
  • Accredited Investor Base 3,000 +

Funded Transactions

iFunding has partnered with real estate operators that have an outstanding track record, to list institutional quality deals on our website.

    • Two Family New Development Austin, TX
    • iFUNDED $603,750
    • iFunding partnered with Inner 10 Development in developing a 2-unit condo building just east of downtown Austin.
    • Term 12 months
    • Offering type Preferred Equity
    • Funded in March 2014
    • Two Family Rehab Milwaukee, WI
    • iFUNDED $40,000
    • iFunding and The Orange Group partnered to convert a worn-out two-family home into a living gem.
    • Term 6 months
    • Offering type Preferred Equity
    • Funded in January 2014
    • Single Family Rehab Indianapolis, IN
    • iFUNDED $76,220
    • For its first single family rehab offering, iFunding partnered with WBRE to create an innovative investment model.
    • Term 6 months
    • Offering type Preferred Equity
    • Funded in October 2013
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Cumulative Investments with iFunding

  • $317,068,970 Total size of projects
  • $24,698,970 Amount raised on iFunding
  • 14 Number of properties funded
  • 3,000+ Accredited investor base



  • Northeast (21.4%)
  • South (14.3%)
  • Central (64.3%)
Transaction Type
  • Equity (57.08%)
  • Debt (42.92%)
Property type
  • Retail (14.3%)
  • Residential- Single Family (50%)
  • New Development (21.4%)
  • Residential- Two Family (14.3%)


Benefits of joining iFunding include...

For Investors

  • Create an account – it’s fast and easy

    Getting started here takes just a minute, then you are able to view the latest investment opportunities. To participate in a deal, regulations require you to be an accredited investor register as an investor.

  • Review investment opportunities – From homes to offices & retail

    We finance all types of property across the US. You view the property and developer details, project financials and operating documents, and can join a webinar to decide. Many projects start with investments as small as $5,000 in home refurbishments that complete in a few months. We’ve also done multi-million $ raises with six-figure investments by individuals. Non-US citizens can invest, too. Call us at (844) 367-4386 or chat with us at any time.

  • Achieve strong returns – Institutional-class investments

    iFunding specializes in preferred equity investments, where investors receive a large share of the deal’s profits, including the first, “preferred” profits. Combined with our strong controls over property ownership and financial expenditures, we believe this gives you the most attractive approach to financial reward in real estate. It’s like institutional-class investing for the ‘rest of us.’

  • Receive the latest updates – Watch your projects’ progress

    iFunding provides detailed, same-day updates about your investments on our dashboard, including project activity, expenditures, photos and videos of the progress of the project.

For Operating Partners

  • Apply - Receive a quick decision on listing your project

    You’ll receive an initial decision about listing with us most often within a day, along with terms and due diligence needs. We specialize in preferred equity financing. Operators tell us that iFunding is very easy to work with because we are so responsive and available 24/7 via phone, email or even text. See our FAQs here or get started now.

  • List your deal - Gain access to thousands of investors

    Straightforward projects have been listed in as little as two days. iFunding handles the solicitation and commitment tracking from thousands of investors in our network. We work with you to create the project description, images and documents and take care of the investment entity structure through our efficient ‘series LLC’ model. At the end of the day, you focus on the real estate and let iFunding handle the rest.

  • Fund faster

    iFunding works with you to best structure and promote your offering, including holding investor webinars. Smaller deals such as home flips have subscribed in under a day! Expand interest even further by guest-writing for our blog.

  • Simplify investor reporting – Stay focused on your project

    iFunding takes care of project and financial reporting to investors through our online dashboard. This lets you stay focused on project quality & completion.

  • Financial Investors

    "My experience with iFunding made me feel they are committed to identifying and making attractive investments accessible. They place a strong emphasis on full transparency and genuinely establishing a relationship with investors. This makes an investor, such as myself, feel not only part of the investment, but an extension of the iFunding team."

    iFunding Investor
  • Operating partners

    "iFunding is disrupting real estate finance and making my life as a real estate investor easier. Historically, real estate investing was limited to high net worth investors and private equity firms. Through crowdfunding, iFunding has opened the opportunity to millions of individual investors by lowering the minimum investment to $5,000. Crowdfunding is the future!"

    The Washington Post
  • Real Estate Investors

    "As a new crowdfunding investor, iFunding has provided me with a seamless transition into real estate. The executive team is very attentive and provides an investor with the tools needed to succeed in real estate investing. Their web platform affords a busy professional to quickly and succinctly decipher potential real estate investment opportunities and capitalize on them."

    iFunding Investor