Family offices iFunding’s platform provides family offices with leading tools to make your real estate investing custom targeted, well researched, efficiently transacted and profitable. Learn why real estate is considered the fastest growing and largest asset class leveraging “private placement, publicly issued” investments, referred to as “crowdfunding.” iFunding has been covered in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, Real Estate Weekly, the Real Deal, and beyond.

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    You can begin browsing commercial real estate deals and exploring our due diligence and transaction platform, by taking just a minute to sign up for a free account.

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    iFunding’s online platform provides all the tools you need to screen opportunities, perform deep due diligence, consummate investments legally and financially, and monitor progress. But there’s more… our family office Concierge team interacts directly with you to capture your preferred investment parameters. There is no fee to participate.

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    iFunding ‘s platform screens over a hundred potential investments per month and lists a selective few with the best prospects. Properties range from commercial and mixed-used spaces, to condo estates, mobile home park portfolios, multi-family buidlings, new home construction and home refurbishments.

  • Achieve strong due diligence and
    detailed progress monitoring

    Every document related to iFunding’s pre-vetted deals is posted online. This includes developer/project background research, construction & insurance certificates, comps, pro forma projections, explanations of the project’s strategy, and photos and videos. Attend our webinar with the project operator to ask questions, or direct your inquiries.

  • Leverage the power of crowdfunding

    “Crowdfunding,” a growing trend driven by technology and federal/state/global securities law changes such as the JOBS Act, is enabling investors of all sizes to access more diversified asset classes with attractive returns. For example, crowdfund platforms for consumer lending, another asset class, have committed over $5 billion.

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    We are one of the most prominent and well-established real estate crowdfunding platforms, covered by numerous financial and real estate publications (visit our Press page). “Speak with our team and senior executives who have underwritten $ billions in real estate financing. Learn how investments are protected.